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max/msp patches - Sonic Refrabulator 2K7 and BlobPlayer1.0 might need some files added to your library for the javascripts they use to function properly. download this zip file, and place the 2 enclosed files into yourMainHDD/Library/CFMSupport/. please report any problems/praise to lewiskeller@hotmail.com, thanks!

blobplayer2.1 - the old blobplayer doesn't seem to work these days so i made a new one. works pretty much the same but looks different. version 2.1 uploaded feb 1, 2012 fixes pitch mask bugs. screenshot

beaunz - harsh digital feedback machine. caution, potentially hazardous to transducers (speakers, eardrums, etc.) screenshot

overtonegrid - click on the grid to hear sine tones tuned to overtones 16 - 31. groovy, colored dots too. screenshot

nodegrain - granular sampler with 2D field of preset interpolation nodes. more crazy sounds. screenshot

ratio rhythms - hear polyrhythmic pulses whose rhythmic frequency determines their sounding position in the harmonic series. screenshot

tune into jupiter 2 - listen to radio programs from jupiter or modulate your own earth sounds. improved version 2 adds pitch masks, midi control and other goodies. screenshot

jupiter fm - this used to be part of tune into jupiter...now it's its own thing. screenshot

stop watch - a simple stop watch program to help you realize all of those graphic and text score pieces. one big clock can be seen by many musicians. any start time can be entered and the clock can be resized as needed. screenshot

sonic refrabulator 2007 - 4 channel sample mangler. automate effects and playback parameters on 4 samples and store presets. record refrabulations to stereo aiff files. screenshot

blob player 1.0 - another sample mangler. load up 4 samples and set a series of parameters cotrolling their playback and effects. save the settings as a preset and repeat. once several presets are saved, a "blob" in a 2D space is created and associated with each preset. interpolate between the preset lobs in the 2D space using various arrangements and sizes of blobs. screenshot

dark blue - algorithmically generated justly tuned sine tones, field recordings and other samples. 33MB download. screenshot

1 2 3 trio of generative patches - a series of standalone pieces which endlessly regenerate new music. here is the source code for a max 5 version of number two. screenshots 1 2 3