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paqucohaso - samples from a trip to oaxaca, mexico, guitar, banjo, max/msp, synths, etc.
technology is your savior
- remix of a tune by learning music.
- drones from ebow guitars, bowed percussion, gongs, etc, beats, goodtimes, etc.
the welder - synths, beats, drumkit, welding sample from seoul s. korea.
clkthg - max/msp manipulator. music box, thumb piano, drums, feedback, skronk.

- guitar, banjo, recorder, percussion and lots of computer.
calling home - uncut field recording of me doing dishes, banjo, synths and crushed drums which speed up and slow down every few bars.
lyig - just intonation synth exploration with innergroove vinyl beats.
grainbox - subtle, sparse, quiet music box through a granular processor.
trust your guts - made with phonecoil pickups on the laptop into the blob player.
leveled interactions - densly chopped computer madness
grease ceiling - samples triggered in max with a piezo and the keyboard.
radiators - interpretation of a graphic score for fender rhodes and phonecoil pickups on laptops.