Lewis Keller - musician, composer, audio engineer, educator

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"Four Piece Five" is an electro-acoustic structured improvisation for extended 4-piece drumkit in 5 sections. Piezo electric sensors on the kit trigger synths and samples in Ableton Live via custom Max4Live software. No loops or sequences are used, all sounds are triggered in real time. The sensors also pickup the sounds of the drums which are processed and amplified in various ways.

"Autoharp Blues" combines field recordings, electronics and an old autoharp but maybe is not technically a blues.

"Cloud, Graph, Delicate, Spiral" uses electronics, bass, various percussion and voice.

"Audloop1" is first in a series of pieces inspired by 20th century minimalism exploring short loops of various lengths. I choose a non-tonal (in that there's no tonal center toward which the piece moves or a "key" in the traditional sense) pitch-set and (hopefully) interesting harmonies and melodies emerge from the overlapping phrases.

In "Coincidence Lapse", each player has a different looping phrase and keeps their own pulse. Whenever two or more players play the same pitch a Max/MSP patch detects the coincidence and is programmed to play back a time lapse recording of what those players have already played. Plus after a set amount of time there's a groovy, medatative drone at the end.