Lewis Keller - musician, composer, audio engineer, educator

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Lewis Keller is a performer, composer, engineer and educator. He builds drumming robots, creates sound installations, and builds his own noise synths as well as touring the world as a pop/rock musician and gigging locally playing jazz and indy musics. He's been heard on numerous TV shows playing bass and drums at the same time and not heard in many small DIY spaces making all sorts of noises. His work often combines sophisticated technology with crude humble structures, inviting listeners to question their relationships with time, technology, space, sound and silence. He plays drums, guitar, bass, electronics, keyboards and theremin. He received his BA from Colorado College where he studied with Stephen Scott and Ofer Ben-Amots and received his MFA from CalArts where he studied with Mark Trayle, Morton Subotnick and Art Jarvinen. For his full-time gig he's the Recording Studio Technician at Colorado College and maintains a busy freelance schedule.